Katie Tekulve has released a new book that will help ease the pain and grief of all those that have lost a loved one, but especially children.

  Where Do We Go? Nobody Knows. is unique in that it not only sends a comforting message but also can foster a conversation between an adult and a child about what happens after the death of a loved one.  It accomplishes this through the use of incredible, thought-provoking illustrations and rhyming text.

“I know that the grief of a loved one is hard for anyone to come to terms with but especially hard for children who want to know where that loved one is now.  That’s where I got the inspiration for my book,” commented Tekulve.  “I believe most people fear death because it’s the fear of the unknown. I wanted to find a way to turn that unknown into an adventure – that there can be wonderment of what comes next instead of fear.”

The book makes an excellent keepsake gift.  Flowers die and cards are misplaced, but this is a memorial gift that will be long-lasting and passed on to others.  And the illustrations are truly enchanting works of art that bring the story of a unique and captivating adventure about hope, spirituality, and the possibilities of what comes next.  The views of ancient times and modern theories in this poetic and thought-provoking perspective on mythological, religious, and alternative beliefs about the afterlife come to life on the pages of this book.

“I always loved author Shel Silverstein when I was a kid and knew I wanted to have the text rhyme. I wanted each section to flow into the next both verbally and through the art. This is why I chose to use birds as the subject that flies through each afterlife,” stated Tekulve.  “I wanted to end with a good message that was about acceptance and tolerance for all views while each of us chooses for ourselves.”

The 32-page book is available from Amazon in paperback, hardcover as well as on Kindle at https://amzn.to/2O2ERrG.  Funeral homes may find it a perfect gift to provide to young children who have lost their parents as well as a great addition to the pre-need funeral home’s grief lending library.  Where do we go? Nobody knows. is not just a mind-opening book for all ages, but a work of art.

About the Author:

Katie Tekulve is a talented and innovative graphic designer with 18 years’ experience who makes her home in southeast Indiana.  She specializes in print design, web design, illustration, and branding.  More importantly, she’s a mother who wrote Where do we go? Nobody knows. to teach her son to keep an open mind to everyone’s views and choose what fits for him when he was ready.

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Where do we go? Nobody knows. provides people of all ages with a captivating story that takes readers on an adventure where their imagination can soar into the unknown in a positive way.  It is an excellent book to share with those who are grieving.