Who is TribuCast® and what services do you provide?

The TribuCast® Remote Attendance System™ has been thoughtfully designed to let family and loved ones attend a pre-need funeral or memorial service in real time on a phone, tablet or computer regardless of their location. It is a private, personalized, portable and pay-per-use live streaming system with no registration fees, no monthly fees and no annual fees. TribuCast® utilizes a pre-need funeral home’s iPhone or iPad and does not require any significant equipment purchases.

How did TribuCast® get involved in the pre-need funeral industry?

TribuCast®, a division of LIVECLOUDTV™ whose motto is “Life’s Moments Live”, was born out of the knowledge that pre-need funerals are deeply important, not-to-be-missed events that help loved ones through some of their darkest days. Missing a pre-need funeral can lead to lack of closure and unresolved grief that can have long-term physical and emotional consequences. From that base, the TribuCast® team assembled clergy, pre-need funeral director and grief counselor round tables and research sessions to understand what makes pre-need funerals transformational. With the knowledge we could help loved ones and the industry, TribuCast® was formed in 2016 and launched nationally in 2018.

What makes TribuCast® unique?

TribuCast® is unique because it was built from the ground up as a grief management tool that helps pre-need funeral directors create an online environment that closely matches the in-person experience of attending a pre-need funeral or memorial service. With TribuCast®, pre-need funeral directors are able to include the same personal touchpoints they share with in-person attendees with those attending remotely such as: a guest book; service program; prayer cards; family photos; tribute videos; memorabilia; awards and remembrances. This limitless personalization helps provide families with comfort and healing, regardless of where they are when a loved one passes.

How does TribuCast® provide a solution for pre-need funeral homes?

TribuCast® puts control of the service timing and surrounding personalized content in the hands of the pre-need funeral director, which sends a strong message to the families they serve. Its’ easy-to-use system and often heralded customer service and support takes the burden of everyday challenges off of staff, enabling them to apply their grief management skills to help loved ones through their most difficult days.

What are the benefits to pre-need funeral homes to work with TribuCast®?

TribuCast® truly provides unparalleled customer service for both pre-need funeral homes and remote attendees alike:

• TribuCast® Monitors provide pre-need funeral directors with real-time support and assistance before, during and after every service so they can achieve the best possible result while seeing to the needs of the families they serve.

• Remote attendees also have access to real-time customer support via 800# or email should they require any assistance or have questions about an upcoming service. This greatly reduces the workload and burden on a pre-need funeral home’s staff and increases the value clients see in the live streaming service you provide.


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