Training and Support

Pre-Need America, Joint Venture Group

* General Agent and Agent Executive high level compensation agreements
* Growth opportunity roundtable support
* Weekly Web-ex sales and marketing training opportunities
* Weekly Web- ex product and technology training and support
* Weekly Web-ex phone general opportunity Q&A sessions requested by General agency or agents
* E-mail support
* Phone support

Home Office Support

* Two Annual Home Office training opportunities
* Regional training support
* Regional agent support
* On line training university
* Agent phone support
* Policy holder phone services support

Home Office 24/7 Online Back Office Support

* 24/7 Online application portal
* No cost General Agency Online 24/7 back office support & accounting
* Speak directly to CSR'S by phone or e-mail support
* Track application conditions
* Track active policies
* Track issued policies
* Track endangered policies
* Phone support
* E-mail support